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Multiple email lists

I have built a mail list via Beatstars but it is from giving away some loops which of course attracts producers. I want to create a seperate mail list for artists by giving away beats. But as it stands Beatstars only allows one mail list so I woul...
TILLSTONE PROJECT 4 days ago in BeatStars Studio 0

Notifications for messages

Please add e-mail notifications for messages in your account's inbox so you don't miss anything. Not everyone is checking their BeatStars account daily. At the moment you can only enable notifications for comments.
Lars Valentin 7 days ago in General Bug 0

Saint Monroe

We need a Shazam like feature for finding beats.
Saint Washington 8 days ago in Beat ID 0

Add Baile Funk/Brazilian Funk as a genre

Could you please add baile funk / brazilian funk as a genre on beatstars meta data? it's just so people like me making those sorts of beats have an efficient way of tagging those sorts of beats, and so potential customers can now find them
Aidan Burke 10 days ago in BeatStars Marketplace 0

Add a YouTube subscription for downloading beats. How it works with Twitter and SoundCloud

Add a YouTube subscription for downloading beats. How it works with Twitter and SoundCloud I think this will be a useful feature and people will appreciate it because you will allow them to maintain an audience on their YouTube that found my b...
Vladyslav Losiev 5 months ago in BeatStars Marketplace 5 Planned


the producers on beatstars will benifit from this also the artists who buy to make it easier for them to buy beats because not everyone use PAYPAL AND STRIPE all i want is when someone try buy my beats on the marketplace they will see what in the ...
1Z BEATS 2.0 over 1 year ago in BeatStars Marketplace 5 Planned

"Tinder"-like Beat Swiping Feature For Easier Beat Discovery

A feature/section in the BeatStars app where artists can hear a snippets of random beats in their preferred genre/type, choose to swipe left to reject it, or swipe right to put it in a matched playlist for the artist so they can lease it later. Th...
Endz Beatz about 1 month ago in BeatStars Marketplace 2 Planned

Clear, easy & professional negotiations

The majority of users (especially artists) don‘t check their Beatstars messages or have socials linked to their profile. So I have this request: Please add an email contact option for negotiations on exclusive licenses. It‘s much easier to agree o...
Enis Aslan 19 days ago in BeatStars Marketplace 1

Suggest Producers to Artists

Create an algorithm where a few producers are suggested to an artist based on their searches and the beats they listened to, liked etc. enabling producers to get their beats heard by people without needing a massive following. Also emphasises the ...
Oli Horton over 1 year ago in BeatStars Marketplace 2 Planned

Add other major currencies such as GBP AND EUR

would be useful because people who live in European countries and United Kingdom would be able to license beats with their own currency
James Cooke 4 months ago in BeatStars Marketplace 1