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Categories BeatStars Studio
Created on Apr 11, 2024

Multiple email lists

I have built a mail list via Beatstars but it is from giving away some loops which of course attracts producers.

I want to create a seperate mail list for artists by giving away beats.

But as it stands Beatstars only allows one mail list so I would be mixing both artists and producers into one mail list which wouldn't work when it comes to writing specific emails on what I have in mind.

Would be great to see 2 email lists available.

  • Admin
    Lee Owen
    Apr 15, 2024

    Thank you for your comment and suggestion. We do have plans to improve customer segmentation data, such as emails, sales and so on.

    This will help to create specific email campaigns for your different types of customers.

    Unfortunately, we have no ETA on delivery at this time. However, it is an improvement that we have on our future product roadmap.

    Please keep an eye out for future updates and feature releases.

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