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Created by Enis Aslan
Created on Mar 27, 2024

Clear, easy & professional negotiations

The majority of users (especially artists) don‘t check their Beatstars messages or have socials linked to their profile. So I have this request:

Please add an email contact option for negotiations on exclusive licenses. It‘s much easier to agree on a price when I can contact the buyer without having to cancel the offer.

It would be great if you added a field where everyone has to put in their artist name (or spotify/tidal/applemusic link (if possible)) & email address to make an offer for the exclusive.

For Example:

Artist Name: XY

E-Mail Adress: xy@xy.xy

Offer: xy $

[Send Offer]

So we know clearly who made the offer and how to contact them for further negotations. Also helpful if you have multiple offers on one beat, so you can look up the artist and decide who gets it.

Thank you!

  • Admin
    Lee Owen
    Mar 27, 2024

    Thank you for your comment and suggestion. We will be looking to revamp the negotiations feature in the future, adding the option to include artist information, links and email is a great idea and we will for sure consider these options.