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Status Planned
Created by Endz Beatz
Created on Mar 2, 2024

"Tinder"-like Beat Swiping Feature For Easier Beat Discovery

A feature/section in the BeatStars app where artists can hear a snippets of random beats in their preferred genre/type, choose to swipe left to reject it, or swipe right to put it in a matched playlist for the artist so they can lease it later.

This allows lesser-known producers to be discovered more easily as beats will be shown at random, and beats that are constantly getting matches can get recommended more, prioritizing quality beats over using tactics to get seen.

It combines the best elements of Tinder with TikTok/Shorts to allow greater discoverability for producers, and also simplifies the process of artists searching for beats.

  • Admin
    Lee Owen
    Mar 27, 2024

    Thank you for your comment and suggestion. We are currently working on some very similar ideas to what you have mentioned here, which we are excited to share with the community. More news to come soon!

  • 808DAVE Prod
    Mar 22, 2024

    Love this idea! Ideas like this would make beatstars very interactive and entertaining for users, Maybe even a tiktok style feed on mobile could really help beatstars become bigger social platform for artists and producers instead of only selling bearts.