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Created by 808DAVE Prod
Created on Feb 17, 2024

Update Promo, A Win For everyone

I know this is a sensitive topic that i got blocked for on Instagram, but hear me out:

Take this as advice, whit an open mind. I am all for beatstars and want to stay working together. i've been using pro page for 3 years now and earn most of my money through beatstars. However, Beatstars is looking stuck to me. after last update, most producers got dissapointed with the lack of new features, and useless new stuff like ai's that don't really help us. BUT with small adjustments and usefull features, this can change easily.

If Beatstars makes as so good that producers can profit off of ads, then producers would automatically spend more money on ads too. This solves the problem of income shortage for beatstars so the mark3tpl4c3 f33 can go away while we all make more money making the company and beat market growing, while keeping prices down for artists.

I can't look at beatstars bank account but If there is a money problem after this, increase the plans prices for producers. If the plans bring us more value, new features for buyers and e-commerce selling features similar to soundee for example we would sell more beats, earn more money and so we wouldn't mind investing a little extra too yearly/monthly.

I think promo can really bring new life into the company, and result in everybody winning.

I strongly believe that this would scale up Beatstars and blow away the competion again in combination with some bug fixes and new features!

- I am an E-commerce professional and producer and i think this would benefit everybody.

  • Admin
    Lee Owen
    Mar 27, 2024

    Thank you for your comment. A new version of promote is at the top of our priority list to deliver and we hope to be providing these updates as soon as possible. More news to come soon!