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the producers on beatstars will benifit from this also the artists who buy to make it easier for them to buy beats because not everyone use PAYPAL AND STRIPE all i want is when someone try buy my beats on the marketplace they will see what in the ...
1Z BEATS 2.0 4 months ago in BeatStars Marketplace 3

Tracklist section. Pre-saved beat order

The idea is to have tracklist presets for different purposes. It allows to pre-save specific beat order. The presets allow you to have all your beats in the order you want. Just for example the number is a beat. You can easily switch between: 0531...
Yahor Sharenda 21 days ago in BeatStars Studio 1

integrate Ai to auto detect key and bpm

integrate Ai to auto detect key and bpm, useful to save time for every producer
Dave Zrour about 1 month ago in  1

Bulk grouping

I suggest adding a feature for Bulk Deals called Groups or something. You would be able to create a bulk deal and click which tracks are included. As of right now you have to exclude or include All tracks into a bulk deal. The group option would g...
Alec Trevelyan 6 days ago in BeatStars Marketplace 0

Added Features to Pro Page

I'd like to suggest possibly adding a follow feature to the Beatstars Pro Page. I usually give my pro page URL out and was never aware that it didn't have a follow feature until recently when a potential client brought it to my attention. Maybe a ...
Alfredo Delgado 6 days ago in BeatStars Marketplace 0

Suggest Producers to Artists

Create an algorithm where a few producers are suggested to an artist based on their searches and the beats they listened to, liked etc. enabling producers to get their beats heard by people without needing a massive following. Also emphasises the ...
Oli Horton 4 months ago in BeatStars Marketplace 0

Uchenna Emmanuel Iwuajoku

I am writing to suggest a potential solution for driving more traffic to the websites affiliated with BeatStars. As a verified producer on the platform, I have noticed that many producers struggle with getting their music heard by a larger audienc...
Uchenna Iwuajoku 9 days ago in BeatStars Marketplace 0

Apple Pay

I would love the see the beatstores (embedded, pro page, marketplace, etc., integrate Apple Pay. Convenience is key for closing sales
Jared White 17 days ago in BeatStars Marketplace 0

add instagram follow for free download

We all need instagram follow requrst for free beat/kit download. We have soundcloud/twitter follow but not instagram
TRYSSTEM 17 2 months ago in BeatStars Marketplace 1

Filters for popularity of tracks/producers

Sometimes you search for a type beat or something of a particular artist but it would be great to filter and see what ones have been heard the most or even which ones have been used the most already vs tracks nobody has used yet and so on, it coul...
Justice McGaughey 11 days ago in BeatStars Marketplace 0