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Allow users to actually use monthly promo credits

At the moment, professional accounts are rewarded with $50 in monthly promo credits. However, upon creating a campaign, BeatStars does not allow us to choose the credits as the payment option; it only allows us to select from the cards already on ...
William Perry about 11 hours ago in Promote 0

Show ads only to Artists (not producers)

so that money for advertising does not go to waste
Adilkhan Bakytov 8 days ago in Promote 0

Request to Add Payoneer as a Payout Option

Dear BeatStars Team, Please consider adding Payoneer as a payout option. PayPal is not available in every country, which limits accessibility for many artists. Payoneer supports over 200 countries and multiple currencies, and it works with top PRO...
Rabbi Khan about 2 months ago in BeatStars Studio 1 Investigating/Discovering Solutions

Edit the price of several beats at once

All beat sales platforms have this
Adilkhan Bakytov 8 days ago in BeatStars Studio 0

About withdrawal methods

Hello, my name s Arda. I would like to make a suggestion about withdrawal methods for Beatstars. Firstly, I am from Turkey and unfortunately, PayPal is not available here. Therefore, I can't withdraw my money. If different withdrawal methods such ...
Arda Kaya about 2 months ago in BeatStars Studio 5 Investigating/Discovering Solutions


I upload a lot of beats, and everytime i upload the untagged wav, i have to wait for the tagged mp3 beat to be generated, but i always have a ready tagged beat. Instead i would add a "generate tagged mp3" button. (and i think it's going to be bett...
matteo pederneschi 16 days ago in BeatStars Studio 1 Planned

AGREImplement Wise as a Payment Method in BeatStars

I want to suggest that you consider implementing Wise as a payment method since Paypal is a platform that from one moment to the next can permanently limit your account for no apparent reason and since this is the only payment method that the page...
Javier Oviedo 11 days ago in General Request 1 Investigating/Discovering Solutions

Add a YouTube subscription for downloading beats. How it works with Twitter and SoundCloud

Add a YouTube subscription for downloading beats. How it works with Twitter and SoundCloud I think this will be a useful feature and people will appreciate it because you will allow them to maintain an audience on their YouTube that found my b...
Vladyslav Losiev 8 months ago in BeatStars Marketplace 5 Planned

Upload tracks to YouTube

Have the option to upload a track to YouTube while publishing it, or somewhere seperately in the creator studio. I think all producers and beatstars would greatly benefit from this with more traffic coming in. This tool has perfect functionality: ...
DJ Valkener 12 days ago in BeatStars Studio 1

Emails collected from sound kits and beat downloads separated

I would like to start selling sound kits for producers on Beat Stars but I tried looking for a way to have the emails collected from sound kits and beat downloads separated. I want to build an email list for both. It would be nice to have the emai...
Drei Drei 13 days ago in BeatStars Marketplace 1 Planned