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Change default playlist after listen a track.

When I open a new tab with a link and the track ends, always go back to the same track/playlist. (A few tracks of a default top playlist, always the 15 same 'now hated' tracks) Very annoying for those who listen music from links from Discord group...
Nicolas Redondo about 1 hour ago in BeatStars Marketplace 0


the producers on beatstars will benifit from this also the artists who buy to make it easier for them to buy beats because not everyone use PAYPAL AND STRIPE all i want is when someone try buy my beats on the marketplace they will see what in the ...
1Z BEATS 2.0 12 months ago in BeatStars Marketplace 4

Suggest Producers to Artists

Create an algorithm where a few producers are suggested to an artist based on their searches and the beats they listened to, liked etc. enabling producers to get their beats heard by people without needing a massive following. Also emphasises the ...
Oli Horton 12 months ago in BeatStars Marketplace 0

Pro page updates

One thing we need badly is updates to the pro page, why do we not have things like having a sale countdown at the top of the page that shows a code for people to use, the ability to show bulk deals, when people add to cart a bar showing how many m...
Daniel Legge about 1 month ago in BeatStars Marketplace 0

More Payment Options

This would allow users to pay in countries with PayPal/Stripe restricions
Guest over 1 year ago in BeatStars Marketplace 1 Planned

Add an internal wallet for can't use paypal and stripe

We need an internal wallet on beatstars so that we can save money on it and withdraw it with crypto, payoneer etc. Those living in countries such as Turkey, Russia and Ukraine will understand what I mean much better. We are having trouble getting ...
Emre Tunc about 1 year ago in BeatStars Marketplace 1

add instagram follow for free download

We all need instagram follow requrst for free beat/kit download. We have soundcloud/twitter follow but not instagram
TRYSSTEM 17 11 months ago in BeatStars Marketplace 1

integrate Ai to auto detect key and bpm

integrate Ai to auto detect key and bpm, useful to save time for every producer
Dave Zrour 10 months ago in  2

Targeted promotion tools

Many producers on beatstars, including myself, make beats in the genre of pop/funk/synth wave, and their sub genres etc… At “battle of the type beats” events, these types of genres rarely apper. To get our beats promoted to the right artists, that...
Simon Nilsen 12 months ago in BeatStars Studio 0


Can we get anything that makes it more clear about specific bulk deals? For the pro page and marketplace it would be nice if there was a sign at the top of our store showing the bulk deals we have to give more incentive to use them. The only thing...
Daniel Legge 2 months ago in BeatStars Marketplace 0